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Elma was excellent to work with. She helped me so much to focus myself on a career and a professional path that I would like to take. She is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Elma is so easy to talk to and understanding. She has always given me much to think about after our sessions. I can say without a doubt that the sessions that we have had together have ignited my career path back onto the right track. I could not recommend Elma highly enough to anyone who is interested. She has just been beyond fantastic.

James, Limerick

“I was fortunate to work with Elma in a coaching context for several sessions and I found it both a very invigorating and liberating experience. Elma helped me to address a long-standing issue that every January I would write an annual resolution to go address but those resolutions never lasted beyond the end of January. Elma helped me reframe the problem in a more manageable way and give me the tools to go tackle the issue. Plus, Elma stayed in touch and held me accountable for what I had committed to. This was an issue that I had been grappling with for years but in a few sessions, Elma got me past that stumbling block. I cannot recommend Elma highly enough; she is patient, kind and has our best interests at heart.”

Mike, Senior Executive, large American multi-national

“Elma was phenomenal to work with! I enlisted her help during a phase of uncertainly in my career path, she was extremely professional, emphatic and analytical of my current situation. Having a person as passionate as Elma in your corner is invaluable in terms of a reset, she aided me in goal setting, highlighted my strengths (which I overlooked myself), Post her sessions I was left feeling refreshed and focused, in the end, I was able to look at my current situation from a different perspective, I would highly recommend Elma!”

Alan, Cork

“Spending an hour with Elma online today really expanded my ability to see beyond my current perspective which was limiting my growth more than I thought. I feel like her warm, almost sisterly manner allowed me to feel safe and totally comfortable to be fully open and vulnerable with her. I felt like she really had my back and was fully present to hearing me. She was able to see and nudge and explore beneath the challenges I discussed. In doing so I left feeling on a high and liberated and sure of the action steps that will steer me in the direction I wish to go. I now feel more confident and sure of my next action steps. I am so grateful to you Elma and look forward to progressing on this journey of growth and personal development availing of your reassuring and professional coaching sessions. Thank you.”

Sue, Galway

“Elma changed my life! After 4 years of sleep trouble with my little one, just one short session with Elma put me on track to solve the problem! She helped me feel empowered and see what I could do to change the situation. She helped me find a whole new perspective and a whole new attitude. Elma is clear, concise and has a natural ability to cut through to the core of the issue for quick results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

Amy, Midwest

“Elma is a highly-skilled and experienced Human Resources professional. In addition to being pro-active, readily available, and having excellent judgment skills, Elma also understands the nuances that exist in cultures and business practices across EMEA and APJ. An international HR organization would greatly benefit from having Elma in its team!”

Alessandro, VP Global Sales

“Elma is a rare blend of international HR executive - strategic AND tactical. My team of BDRs and channel marketing personnel were based in our Galway, Ireland office and it was Elma that made sure they were the right hires at the right time. In addition, Elma worked with our global PR agency to make certain that efforts specific to the EU were positioned with the local media and outreach. Always available to meet the East Coast time requirements, Elma's skill with bringing an "outside of the U.S." perspective was always met with positiveness by the executive team. Without her help in coordinating/organizing International partners, revenue would not have exceeded goals. Unequivocally, I can recommend Elma for any leadership position that requires positiveness, attention to detail, teamwork, and patience - she has it all!”

Jeanne, Chief Revenue and Chief Marketing Officer

“Elma came into an undefined role - our first HR professional outside of the US. She took charge, created a role that fit her and the organization and continuously worked to bring success to our EMEA and APAC teams! She became an integral part of the HR team as well her field team. She helped change the game for us!”

Steven, Chief People Officer

"There is people you meet in your life that leave tremendous impact on you. Elma is one of those people. She assisted me, supported me and helped me step out of a very uncomfortable place. Great personality and amazing coach! This has been extremely worthwhile experience and I still find myself thinking over what we spoke about. I have no hesitation in recommending Elma to anyone who needs support"

Marta, Co Clare

“I worked with Elma when I was at a crossroads with a personal issue and was unsure how to proceed. Talking it through with Elma and discussing the various options open to me really provided me with clarity on how to proceed. It also made me aware of some thoughts around the subject I had previously been unaware of. Elma’s approach is warm which made it easy to open up with her but she also asked some challenging questions that really added value. I have no hesitation in recommending Elma as a Life & Business Coach.”

Joseph, Co Clare

“I'm really glad to have met Elma. I was feeling stuck and wasn't sure which path to move forward with, as there are always so many different options. It really helped to have someone there who gently encouraged me to hone in on what l want and how to take those smalls steps closer to my goals.”

Ivy, Galway

“Having worked with Elma for a coaching session. I found I had so much more clarity and was determined to face the topic that I had found so challenging for so long.  What was once daunting to me was now manageable. I came away feeling confident in myself and looking forward to work on achieving my goal. Elma is a beautiful lady who has a natural way of making you feel comfortable and safe to open up on the topic you want to overcome. I would highly recommend Elma and wish her all the best for the future.”

Marcella, Midwest

“Elma helped me turn my energy and passion for a business idea into tactical and strategical approaches for success and I couldn’t be happier with the focus I’ve gained for what I truly love spending my time on.”

John, Galway

“I felt comfortable with Elma as soon as I met her which made it easy to discuss my fears around changing careers.  Elma was excellent at listening, reflecting back on things I said and challenging me to look at things in a different way.  I felt more confident in my decision making and excited about the challenges that lay ahead instead of fearing them.”

Alison, Midwest

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to Elma. I attended Elma for life coaching and I really felt she gave me the space to be heard and understood. I like her warm practical approach and she helped me to gain new perspectives on an issue I was struggling with, I was able put a plan in place to work this. I felt motivated and focused from working with Elma and I would highly recommend booking a session with her!”

Christine, Co Clare

“Elma is a great listener who provided me a sounding board and guidance around taking the next step in my career. She doesn't provide the answer as much as helps one find their own way in the midst of what can appear a confusing next step. I would highly recommend Elma for her holistic approach and professional manner.”

Dylan, Dublin

As the Head of HR Services in Consulting industry I had worked with many coaches through varying roles, however I found Elma engaging, logical and calm. Elma is incredibly insightful and knowledgeable in her field and really supported me to understand what I wanted and how to navigate a path forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elma and her career/ life coaching to any professional who is looking for a supported way of navigating the next steps in your career.

Avril, Head of HR Services

Elma was fantastic to work with. She was able to understand and empathise what I was going through and talk to me in a truly genuine way. She really helped me see things in a different light and helped me break it down in a calming and constructive fashion. I can't recommend Elma enough to anyone who is interested in doing some life coaching or needs to talk to someone through something going on in their life

Nick, Customer Success / Project Manager

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