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Corporate Services

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can help increase motivation, improve emotional intelligence, improve leadership abilities, increase self-awareness, improve social skills and empathy, learn new ways to respond, understand how to best utilise your skills, and increase & improve productivity.

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Training & Workshops

I work with organisations of varying sizes, providing them with training and workshops in the following area:

  • Managing teams remotely

  • Change management

  • Absence management

  • Performance management

  • Resilience

  • Stress and burnout

  • Boundaries

  • Self care, wellbeing and mental health

  • Design thinking and goal setting

  • Managing difficult conversations



Mentoring for small companies looking to set up HR function


Emotional Intelligence Assessments

  • Leadership assessments (individual / 180 / 360)

  • Workplace assessments (individual / 180 / 360)

  • Recruitment assessments

  • Emotional Culture Index (ECI) report

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