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Career and CV Clarity Package

Are you feeling fed up or struggling in your current role?
Do you sometimes wonder what else might be out there for you?
Is your CV in need of updating?
Will you be applying for a new role in the coming year?
Are you lacking clarity around what you could do next?
Do you lack confidence when applying for new roles?
Are you feeling stuck and unsure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the package for you!

Young Businesswomen

Career and CV Clarity Package - what is involved?

Step 1 - Create & Align

Step 2 - CV Review

Step 3 - Clarity & Clear Path

Step 4 - Re-work CV

Step 5 - Move Forward

Step 6 - Check In

We begin! Starting with a coaching session, we talk about your career to date and where you would like to be, what you enjoy, what you don't enjoy and much more to help you look at the various options open to you. By the end of this session, you will have lots of ideas of what to do next.

I review your CV in granular detail and prepare feedback for you. (I can also review your LinkedIn if you wish)

We have another coaching session and I give you all my feedback on your CV including tips and suggestions. We have a chat about anything that came up for you since our last session.

You work on your CV again based on my feedback and resend to me.

CV is finalised, we go through next steps and discuss how to amend your CV for the roles you want to apply for. Get clarity on next steps.

We have a 20 minute check in call 1 - 2 weeks later to see how things are going.

Interview Confidence and Clarity Package

Do you often feel nervous or anxious before and during job interviews?

Have you received feedback that your interview skills need improvement?

Do you struggle with articulating your experiences and qualifications effectively?

Have you been getting interviews but not job offers?

Are you unsure about how to answer common interview questions or handle difficult ones?

Do you feel confident in discussing your strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments?

Do you know how to effectively highlight your unique skills and experiences to stand out from other candidates?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the package for you!


Interview Confidence and Clarity Package - what is involved?

Step 1 - Information Gathering

Step 2 - Session Prep

Step 3 - Getting Confident for your interview

We begin! Starting with a short 30 min session, working from your CV, we talk about your career to date and what roles you are applying for, what feedback you have received to date and go through the job description for the role you have or hope to apply for. 

I review your CV and the job description for the role you are interested in and prepare relevant interview questions.

We have another coaching session, this time for 90 mins and go through some mock interview questions and feedback. You leave feeling ready to conquer your interview and get the role of your dreams!


When can I start? 
If you are interested in starting, click "Sign me up!" below and email me your availability to begin. Typically sessions will take place on Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm with some very limited availability for evenings and Saturdays.

How long do the coaching sessions last?
Sessions typically last around 90 mins. 

How much does it cost?
The Career & CV Clarity package is €349.

The Interview Confidence & Clarity package is €149.

Are sessions done in person or online?
Sessions are online via Zoom or can be done in person in Galway.

Is there a time limit as to how long I have to use all my sessions?
It is definitely recommended to keep things moving at a steady pace to increase your chances of success!

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