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8 Tips on how to work from home more effectively

1) If possible, have a separate workspace you can physically walk away from when your working day is done.

2) Stick to your hours. Where you no longer have a commute or traffic to contend with it is easy to slip into the habit of working longer hours. Try to stick to your normal working hours and take your breaks.

3) Background noise. Now you have control over what you listen to while working, pump up the tunes or listen to that audio book that you have been meaning to listen to if the work you are doing allows it.

4) Keep your workspace clean and clear of clutter. Make it a space you enjoy being in, as it is your own home you can take advantage by having some essential oils or wax melts burning if you enjoy the scents while working.

5) Use your camera where possible. If using Zoom or Skype / MS Teams etc., keep your camera on as it helps to connect with people.

6) Over communicate. Ensure your colleagues know if you are taking time off, working different hours, unwell, behind with work or if you are just struggling in general. It is important you let your team / manager know and keep up regular, open communication with them.

7) At the end of your working day, do what you can to really end your working day. Close the door to your office, if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated room, clear your work away or even try walking out the front door of your home and around before coming back in to signal the end of your working day. Another option I heard recently was to walk out the back door and in the front!!

8) Email tone. Now that we are communicating more via email, it is extremely easy to misinterpret what someone is saying and their tone. Keep your emails positive and friendly as much as possible to reduce the risk of your tone being misunderstood.

Let me know what works best for you? Are there any other tips you would add?

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